12 Ways To Celebrate Your Company’s Anniversary

Your company’s anniversary is a moment you should celebrate and plan for. Whether it’s your 5-year or 25-year anniversary, treating this like a marketing campaign will affirm your company’s longevity and reinforce your brand. Celebrating an anniversary can also inspire your staff and create customer loyalty.

Before you jump to tactics, remember this is your chance to talk about why you started your company, where you’ve been and what you do that makes your company unique. It’s also an opportunity to thank your employees and influential customers who helped your company reach this important milestone.

1. Anniversary Logo – A specially-designed logo that highlights your company’s anniversary can be leveraged across all touchpoints to communicate this significant event.

2. Historical Content – If this is a big anniversary, like a 25 or 50-year celebration, posting historical images or special moments through your company’s social media communities with a schedule building up to the actual day of your anniversary can tell your story in an impactful way.

3. Public Relations – In addition to a standard press release, have a proactive approach to reach industry influencers, local media and partners.

4. Anniversary Video – Video is a great way to tell your company story, illustrate what makes your services unique and highlight your company’s history.

5. Website – Promote your anniversary on your website in a prominent way. Make this occasion part of your product promotion banner rotation.

6. Board or Investor Interviews – Highlight your board of directors or investors with a “5 minutes with…” story that can be leveraged on your website, mobile and social media. It’s a great way to illustrate influencer involvement and aid in telling your story.

7. Company Branded T-Shirts – Are a great way to thank your employees and reinforce your brand. Make this part of how you build momentum, and choose a specific day of the week where staff can wear their shirt.

8. Highlighted Tenured Employees – Recognize employees that have been with you from the beginning, and highlight their story internally. This is an easy way to show your appreciation for what they’ve accomplished and how their involvement has been essential to your growth.

9. Highlight New Employees – Highlighting new employees is a terrific way to inspire newcomers and welcome them to your company during a special period in your company’s history.

10. Product Promotions – Schedule and plan several product promotions that provide your customers with an incentive and highlight your anniversary. This is a good way to build energy and momentum before you reach the anniversary date.

11. Community Event – Celebrating your anniversary with a community appreciation event is a perfect way to pay it forward and thank your community for the support they’ve provided in helping you build your business.

12. Sponsorship – Sponsoring a local community or industry event can also feature your anniversary and commitment to your industry and community.

These are just a few ideas to help you creatively think about how you’ll celebrate your next company anniversary. Take time to think about what your plan will be and allow your team time to adequately plan your celebration.