Wendy Beswick

Many companies build a product and then try to find customers. I look at things the other way around – learn about your customer’s needs and then build products and services to meet their needs. I’m a customer-obsessed builder of services and my goal is to share my passion on how to delight your customers. Success today is about being where your customers are and wowing them.

I focus on news and ideas bringing together business and marketing with the goal of helping you reach new customers, retain your customers, engage your employees, and create results that exceed your goals.

I’ve been in several Chief Marketing Officer roles and more recently served as a Chief Retail Officer where I oversaw retail locations, operations, marketing, product research and development, communications, and public relations. During my career, I’ve worked at Fortune 100 and 500 companies, not-for-profits and start-ups.

My work has been featured in the WSJ, Business Insider, Financial Times, Investment News, Houston Chronicle, San Antonio Business Journal, CU Times and San Francisco Business Times. I have also been published in a variety of industry magazines, websites and blogs.

A native Texan, I live north of San Antonio and am a runner, foodie and accomplished artist.