Create Customers With Social Media

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Today’s small business owner has plenty of advertising options to level the playing field with big competitors and stand out in the crowd. In this Small Business Advertising Tips Series, we talk about how you can utilize social media and other digital tools to turbo-charge your efforts.

In my last blog post, I focused on how to establish your goals and start an advertising plan. Now that you have your goals and your defined target, let’s dive deeper into how to use social media and create new customers.

Start small and scale to become bigger. You can always scale up in the social media landscape but, it’s difficult to scale down. If you do decide to start a blog, commit to blogging once a week and see how it goes. Don’t overwhelm yourself by committing to a higher frequency.


What it’s used for

How you can use it

FacebookCustomer Care & Brand Awareness
  • Relationship building with customers
  • Insight into the personal interests of your community
  • Sharing valuable content for the community
TwitterCustomer Care & Brand Awareness
  • Real-time communication and help
  • Sharing short updates & links to relevant news
  • Public conversations
LinkedInCustomer Care & Lead Generation
  • Insight into prospects & current customer base
  • Establishing credibility as a business
  • Providing help to customers in forums
YouTube, InstagramLead Generation & Brand Awareness
  • Visual storytelling
  • Tapping into customer & prospect emotions
  • Highlighting people & the impact of your brand
BlogsBrand Awareness & Lead Generation
  • Constant source of industry news & information
  • Sharing of multiple types of content
  • Highlighting people & the impact of your brand

Social media is largely based on content and you need to figure out how you’ll create content.  Take an inventory of your existing content (whitepapers, educational, informational, collateral, conference presentations, website assets) to determine what you already have that can be leveraged. I know one small business owner who uses his customer questions as his “blog posts”. He turns the question into a post. What do you have or what are you doing today that can be leveraged?

Choose one social media platform and get comfortable with that platform and community before you add on others. The goal with social media is to build awareness of your business, engage with potential customers and find influencers.

Remember to master one platform at a time – not all communities will work for your business and your customers. In my next post, I’ll dive deeper into leveraging Google Adwords on any budget.

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