Social Media Without A Strategy

I’ve written about this topic in the past, and am still amazed when I see companies as well as professionals continue to participate in social media without a strategy. Content with no schedule in mind or thought to their audience, posted randomly isn’t going move the needle. It seems as if they are speaking to […]

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Why I Love Social Media

In 2009, my husband, a technologist that’s always looking ahead, told me, “You need to get on this Twitter thing – it’s going to be big.” I established a profile and started lightly tweeting. I then began experimenting using Twitter for marketing thought leadership and that’s when I got hooked – where else could you […]

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Twitter Tips for Small Businesses

Originally published on the Generations FCU Blog When it comes to Twitter and small businesses, there are usually two distinct trends: lack of content strategy or dedicated time to properly nurture and grow Twitter. Think of Twitter as a newsfeed with small bits of content constantly streaming. Most people will read content on Twitter as […]

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Create Customers With Social Media

Originally published at MyGenFCU Today’s small business owner has plenty of advertising options to level the playing field with big competitors and stand out in the crowd. In this Small Business Advertising Tips Series, we talk about how you can utilize social media and other digital tools to turbo-charge your efforts. In my last blog post, I focused […]

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How to Create An Advertising Plan

Originally published at MyGenFCU In the fast, ever-growing digital age, today’s small business owner has plenty of advertising options to level the playing field with big competitors and stand out in the crowd. A lot of businesses get caught up in the “if I build it, they will come” mentality.  You can utilize both online and […]

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10 Tips for Twitter’s Ad Program

There’s the old saying, “If you build it they will come” — not so much in today’s hyper-contented digital world. Once you build it, you better tell everybody about it. In the B2B world, a misconception still exists that social media does not require promotions or a paid media element.That’s just wrong. I recently found Ian Schafer’s Promoted Twitter presentation through Augustine Fou which inspired me […]

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