Social Media & SEO

How strong of a role does social media play in search and SEO? There are still many B2B companies not participating in social media. It doesn’t help our sales effort, we cannot quantify it, our target doesn’t use it and the list goes on. I would argue that without participation in social media your SEO […]

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10 Tips – Promote your Blog

Establishing a blog is large effort for anyone. Corporate blogs are especially challenging given multiple contributors and groups participating. Whether you’re an individual starting a blog, a start-up, mid-size company or large corporation the steps to promote follow the same path. Promotions for blogging and how you treat the blog are woven together. I’ll outline […]

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Strategy Trumps Tactics in Social Media

Social media has now reached 1 billion users worldwide according to EMarketer. A recent article summarizes their full report, “Social Media in the Marketing Mix: Managing Global Expansion,” cites that Asia-Pacific countries, the Middle East and Africa now garner higher usage volumes than those in the United States and Western Europe. The article polled several […]

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