Sell Your Product with Social Media

Selling products on social media can feel out of place. I’ve seen a lot of companies take the same message they used in their print ad and simply copy it to their Facebook account. You can easily blend your sales efforts alongside what you’re already doing in social media. In the social world consumers will be more likely to click on that link if your content is fun and engaging. Your message has to be slightly different and less formal than what you would say in a print ad or on your website.

So, how can you blend sales and social media?

Make social part of your other marketing tactics – When you think about all the tactics involved in promoting a product or a specific campaign make social media part of your regular checklist: website, advertising,  pay-per click, email, press release,  collateral, sales/product sheet, etc.  If you do this, social will become a natural extension of how you promote everything going forward.

Get creative – Promoting a product on social media doesn’t mean you have to copy what you’re doing in other marketing tactics/mediums. The content should ladder up to your campaign idea/theme.  Find a way to get your point across in a fun way that still connects to your campaign.

Use actionable CTAs – All your other marketing efforts have actionable calls-to-action, right? So, why would you not do this in social? Use a link to sign-up page or a place where you can collect emails. Google Analytics and many other website tools can track who is clicking and moving through your funnel.  Even if you cannot collect email addresses try to collect data that will help you gather intelligence.

Serve up trackable content – Serve up content related to the campaign with a link back to a sign-up page so you can put those interested sign-ups into a nurture campaign.  You should be doing this for all your content regardless of a campaign but it’s especially import for specific promotions.

Involve your sales team – Give your sales team permission to post product promotions on their personal social media communities. I had a sales person post about a campaign and he got 5 leads within the first hour that all converted to customers.

Go offline to get online – Contact influencers and ask for their engagement in social. If you’re asking them to do this for you, then offer something in return. Offer to guest blog or simply ask what you can do to help them in social. If you have samples of your product this is a great way to get people excited and for them to authenticate your product based on their own experience.

These are just a few ideas to help you get going.  The more you blend social with other areas of marketing, while still being true to your brand you’ll reap the benefits and social will become a natural extension of how you market your brand and products.

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