Finding Your Ideal Customer

One of the first steps in business planning is to determine your target market and their preferences. How do they like to purchase? What are their spending habits? It may sound simple, but really digging into who you want to target and understanding their needs will not only differentiate your product or service but also […]

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2015 Marketing Trends To Watch

Originally Published on Generations FCU Blog We’ve all heard so much about digital marketing and data this year. Businesses want to understand how their investment is working in marketing. Marketers want to grow businesses and reach more customers, as well as keep the ones they have. How do marketers and small businesses get ahead of […]

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Why I Love Social Media

In 2009, my husband, a technologist that’s always looking ahead, told me, “You need to get on this Twitter thing – it’s going to be big.” I established a profile and started lightly tweeting. I then began experimenting using Twitter for marketing thought leadership and that’s when I got hooked – where else could you […]

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How do I generate leads for my start-up?

Guest blog post by  Lydia Vogtner Lydia Vogtner is an independent B2B marketing and communications consultant specializing in marketing, messaging and content strategy. We’re a small B2B startup company: How do we generate leads? When leads pour in, business is booming – unless you can’t close a sale. The hardest part about Sales however, isn’t usually closing […]

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How to turbocharge your career

I was reading Liz Ryan’s LinkedIn post this morning, “How to Job Hunt like a CEO” and it got me thinking about how all of Liz’s advice on career search and ownership also apply when you’re operating in the workplace. You should always act and be the CEO of your career even when you’re not […]

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Toss Traditional Marketing?

I would love to go all digital and toss traditional marketing out the window. But my target still engages with traditional media. Social Media is Great, But Don’t Forget Old School makes the point, that although consumers use social media entrepreneurs and businesses need to remember your customer still listens to radio, reads print magazines […]

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