Social Media Without A Strategy

I’ve written about this topic in the past, and am still amazed when I see companies as well as professionals continue to participate in social media without a strategy. Content with no schedule in mind or thought to their audience, posted randomly isn’t going move the needle. It seems as if they are speaking to […]

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Taking Social Media To The Next Level

By 2016, you would think that every brand and every company understands social media and are now exploring new frontiers and getting into interactive in an entirely new way. Not necessarily. This is happening for the early adopters – the companies who have leadership support and understand how important social media is. The early adopters […]

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2015 Marketing Trends To Watch

Originally Published on Generations FCU Blog We’ve all heard so much about digital marketing and data this year. Businesses want to understand how their investment is working in marketing. Marketers want to grow businesses and reach more customers, as well as keep the ones they have. How do marketers and small businesses get ahead of […]

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Why I Love Social Media

In 2009, my husband, a technologist that’s always looking ahead, told me, “You need to get on this Twitter thing – it’s going to be big.” I established a profile and started lightly tweeting. I then began experimenting using Twitter for marketing thought leadership and that’s when I got hooked – where else could you […]

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Toss Traditional Marketing?

I would love to go all digital and toss traditional marketing out the window. But my target still engages with traditional media. Social Media is Great, But Don’t Forget Old School makes the point, that although consumers use social media entrepreneurs and businesses need to remember your customer still listens to radio, reads print magazines […]

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Get Creative & Practice

I stumbled across Greg Satell’s article, “What Makes You So Smart?”  which got me thinking about how innovative, forward-thinking people function. There are the standard ways to measure your intelligence but according to Greg, ” Our ability to think is a direct result of the firing of synapses in our brain, most of which, we acquire throughout life. Smart people, then, […]

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10 Tips for Twitter’s Ad Program

There’s the old saying, “If you build it they will come” — not so much in today’s hyper-contented digital world. Once you build it, you better tell everybody about it. In the B2B world, a misconception still exists that social media does not require promotions or a paid media element.That’s just wrong. I recently found Ian Schafer’s Promoted Twitter presentation through Augustine Fou which inspired me […]

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