The Future of Marketing

I have been asked this question a lot lately, “Where do you think marketing is headed?” and “What is the future of digital marketing?”. Given the changes affecting how consumers reach brands, how marketers reach consumers and how companies are approaching marketing I wanted to write about these questions that have surfaced recently:

  • Who is poised to be successful in the world of social media?
  • What skills does a dynamic marketer need today?
  • Mobile and targeting — how do marketers reach clients?

Social Media  – Journalists and Public Relations Professionals are poised to be amazing content creators in the new social media world. Journalists are probably the best content creators when it comes to social media because they can craft compelling content and understand what is newsworthy. Reuter’s released Social Pulse earlier this year creating a tool for journalists to monitor company chatter. Journalists make excellent bloggers and have the ability to create tight, focused content on a deadline. Did I mention editing? Journalists are also extremely skilled at editing, turning around tweets, blog posts and other types of digital content. Public Relations professionals are also poised to be experts in the social media world — they, too understand what is newsworthy, how to be concise, write for reports and how to attract attention.

 The New Age Marketer– As marketers we have all been exposed to measurement and ROI in some form. The new marketer needs to love data and think about marketing as an art and science. Statistics, data mining and being able to meaningfully pull together data, formulate data and report on data is and will become more and more crucial. Forbes recent article, “Understanding the New ROI of Marketing” details the basics of measurement.

Marketing data tools, sales tools and marketing automation tools will become a standard part of every marketers’ tool kit. The new age marketer has to think like a business person and act like a marketer — people who have a strong business acumen, are able to be a data expert and retain their creative skills will be the ones that stay ahead of the curve.

Reaching Customers – I like John Jantush’s blog,“5 Meaningful Shifts Shaping Marketing Right Now” where he talks about “little commitments”. According to John “Generic information overload is causing a real bottleneck for marketers. Our prospects don’t have or won’t take the time to learn all about our great solutions even if it’s in their best interest to do so. Our job now is to offer them little pieces of information that move them ever so slightly in the direction of personalizing their experience with us.” How marketers reach customers today will be critical to their success.

Small “snippets” of information, capitalizing on tablet use, using mobile creatively, being a data geek and employing journalists as content creators are just a few ways to pave the road and reach customers in a more meaningful way.

Credit image: TagExedo

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