Toss Traditional Marketing?

I would love to go all digital and toss traditional marketing out the window. But my target still engages with traditional media. Social Media is Great, But Don’t Forget Old School makes the point, that although consumers use social media entrepreneurs and businesses need to remember your customer still listens to radio, reads print magazines and sees billboards. 90% of Americans who watch TV – an audience of 283 million people consume an average of 146 hours of programming per month. That’s compared to the 12 hours of online video watched by 155 million viewers. The TV industry accounts for $74 billion compared to the video which is at $3.5 billion. ¹

While TV is still the big dog and not all of us can afford it, here are a few tips on how to see the overall landscape and not miss an opportunity to get in front of your next new customer:

  • Define your target customer – If you’re going after a Millennial customer, then yes, by all means an “all digital/mobile” strategy will work for you. It really depends on your target customer and where they consume news and how they find products and get feedback to make purchases.
  • Canvas your message in a blend of medias – Consumers will respond to messages seen in a blend of traditional and digital medias. They might drive by your billboard, see your tweet, click on a display ad and view your TV ad. Hitting on multiple media fronts deepens your message and keeps you top-of-mind when they are ready to make a purchase.
  • Get the biggest bang for your buck – If your advertising budget is limited, find media types that will deliver the most coverage for the lowest cost. While TV still trumps all media, display advertising is on the rise and has a much lower cost. Outdoor billboards still top my list for getting your message out to the largest number of consumers at the lowest cost.
  • Scale up – Choose one big media channel and supplement with what you’re doing in social media, website and other areas. Unless you’re a big brand, your budget is going to dictate what you can and cannot do. Radio combined with digital and social can get the message out in a big, low cost way.

Remember to have a blended approach – unless your audience is 100% digital don’t miss an opportunity to reach them and not consider traditional media in your mix.

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¹  “The Internet Has Hardly Trumped TV”, The Week, March 14, 2014 Volume 14 issue 659